About Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande (The Big Island) comprises 193 square kilometers of mountainous Atlantic rainforest, historic ruins and beautiful beaches, excellent for some scenic tropical rambling. The entire island is a State Park and the authorities have limited development and maintained a ban on motor vehicles. Ilha Grande offers lots of beautiful walks along well maintained and well signposted trails. The wildlife on the island consists of parrots, exotic hummingbirds, butterflies and monkeys, all of which are in abundance. For the most part the beaches – Praia do Aventureiro and Praia Parnaioca to name just two – are still wild and unspoilt (and some have been named as some of the most beautiful beaches in the world). Most beaches can be reached by boat from the Villa. Some beaches can also be reached on foot and the beaches are lovely, quiet and unspoilt. Snorkling and diving are at a premium in the wonderful warm, quiet waters of the Island. There are several villages along the coast that are always a good place to stop for lunch and drinks.

Ilha Grande map

Map courtesy of Wikipedia, where you can learn more about Ilha Grande

Praia Aventureiro Praia Aventureiro Praia Aventureiro
Praia Aventureiro
Lagoa Azul Lagoa Azul Lagoa Verde
Lagoa Azul (the Blue Lagoon)   Lagoa Verde (the Green Lagoon)